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Splash Mountain (cont.)

To include a real spring, I put the top pulley at the end of a short pvc pipe.

The bottom of this pipe was attached to the bucket on a pivot.

It was actually kind of tricky to mount a pivoting pipe to the rounded interior of a bucket. I used a short rod inside a four-way pipe connector. this was the hinge pin hidden within the horizontal section of pipe shown above.

A screw eye held one end of a strong spring, keeping the top pulley in tension, pulling away from the pulley at the bottom of the mountain. The increased tension made the pink string cascade down the front of the (not yet realized) mountain. Success!

Alright, maybe "cascade" isn't the right word. It "travels" down the front of the model.

Frontierland Shooting Exposition

The shooting gallery is an open-walled stall made of rough-hewn logs. I made a scale version out of foam board.

I left all the clumsy slice marks in these tiny beams to duplicate the look of the rough beams in the real version. Inside is a low wall and and even a row of hills for imaginary targets to hide behind.

Mickey and Minnie's House

A few more basic structures remained to be built, including Mickey and Minnie's house. I spent a surprising amount of time poring over source photos for these models, because there are at least three different versions of each house, and I had a hard time figuring out which photos were from which Disney park.

Of course, after I found the authentic Disneyland version, I found them to be very tricky to build in miniature and out of foam board. Toon town is warped.

My versions were built mostly built with right angles. Luckily it only takes a few crooked elements to make a whole neighborhood looked cockeyed.
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