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Teacup Ride

The next ride I tackled was the Mad Tea Party ride. I had specified a seven-inch diameter circle on the map for this one, so the indivdual cups were going to have to be very small.

I had already bought some blue air dry clay, the generic version of Crayola's Model Magic clay, and started shaping some tiny cups with my fingertips. Air dry clay is very spongy and easy to work with if your finished objects aren't too large or detailed.

The floor of the teacup ride is a pinwheel pattern, one of my favorites.

Hypno Disk

I sectioned off the circumference with marks every half-inch and used the curve of a cup to trace arcs from the center to the edge of the circle.

Then I cut out every other section.
Actually I ended up with an odd number, so I had to fudge a couple of the segments so I wouldn't end up with two holes in a row.

Then I taped the pink spiral onto the purple circle and got my spiral floor.
Six white teacups came next, then the pink ones.

Teacup ride! This would be a great ride to animate, but I wasn't sure how visible it would be behind my castle head.

Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the landmark entryway to Disneyland, containing a few restaurants and a bunch of souvenir shops. My floorplan specified six seperate buildings lining this entry street. They were each about five inches tall, and were supposed to look like American buildings from the 1910s.

Obviously I'd use foamboard and hot glue.

The roofs had flat tops, and were pretty fun to construct. They went together like a little square bowl.

Walls and roof.

Completed building.

Second building was pretty much the same. It just had little faux dormer windows.

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