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Printed Signs for Star Tours and Pirates of the Caribbean
Finishing up some details. I didn't think I could paint these two signs with good results, so I just printed them out and stuck them onto foam board.

There were 100 little tasks to complete to finish the costume. Much of it was painting.

Above is a tiny scene which is supposed to be from Pirates of the Carribean. Because I added a thickness to the Disneyland platform, I thought it would look cool to add this peek into what was happening under the ground.

I added the final gold details to the castle in the center of the park. I also added a strap, so it would stay on my head as a hat.

I needed to attach the main platform to a PVC harness. The metal 'plumber's tape' on the left was replaced by gluing the pvc to the styrofoam with 1" red fabric straps. The fabric straps were hot glued, and felt much more secure than the hilarious screw-into-styrofoam method.

A side view of the platform around my neck. The piece of the platform supporting the nearside of the park is removed in this photo.

Once the platform was attached to the shoulder harness, I flipped the whole thing over and took it outside for a test run.

It felt great! The three parts of the platform were attached and sturdy. I could walk around easily.

I would have to do something to help conceal the underside of the costume.

At this stage, the platform weighed 12 lbs.

To aid in transportation, I didn't glue everything down. I used tabs of velcro. You can see the small bits of blue, black and red velcro above.

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