Scott's ATST Walker Costume

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With the main body/legs/feet complete, I needed to do a trial run to make sure this beast would work.


SUCCESS! Or was it… While the long stilted legs provided an impressive gait, the legs and heavy stilts kept my center of gravity too low. It was both terrifying and exhausting to walk; the stilts had to go.


To retain the height, the stilts were abandoned and the backpack frame was extended. Brackets were fastened to some old work boots to mate with the costumes feet. I never thought I’d be glad to have had two knee surgeries; two full-leg orthopedic braces were bolted to the shoes to provide additional support.

REAL SUCCESS! With the legs walking, I was free to proceed on the building of the head. Another test with a partially done head to check balance.



After all the foam pieces were glued to the costume, each costume component was spray painted with a light grey primer.


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