Detective: The Bachelorette Heist

Oh man.

My friend Tom at wrote for help with a photo of a thief's delivery spot. If you live in or near Daly City, California, I'd appreciate some help getting a photo of the fake shipping address.


Hey Rob, 

Here are some details of the big bachelorette party product heist. I will give you full disclosure of what happened. I withhold only information about the person who's credit card was stolen. 

Step 1. January 7th at 8PM, someone visits and orders a larger order of bachelorette party merchandise. They use one address for billing and another for shipping. This is not unusual and since the billing address they used matched the one on file with the credit card company, the order is approved. The order was for $413.00 worth of goods including Express Shipping. 

January 8th, Monday afternoon we ship the items. 

January 9th, they arrive and are received by the following person or someone who says they can receive mail for:
Linda Makemson
4376 Callan Blvd. #A
Daly City CA 94105

(Google Map)

Here is the delivery message from tracking:
Label/Receipt Number: XXXX XXXX XXXX X
Status: Delivered
Your item was delivered at 10:28 AM on January 9, 2007 in DALY CITY, CA 94015. 

So far, nothing unusual has happened. The order is large, really large even (not the largest order ever but in the top 1%), but the billing information is spot-on. 

Tuesday January 9th, our friend comes back and orders more stuff. This time $905.80 worth of stuff. 

January 10th. We see the second order. It is a MAJOR RED FLAG with us. No One, no one at all ever needs that much bachelorette party stuff and needs it quickly. The second order includes 35 gift bags!?! Also, the confirmation e-mails we send and the package include coupons which haven't been used and the customer order Express Delivery again. Where the first order looked like a big bachelorette party, this second order shows some obvious flaws. We contact the phone number listed as the purchaser and leave a message on a generic sounding voice mail. We also verify that the phone number is from the same area as the billing information. We pack the order, just in case.

Wed. evening. No one has called back, so we put the order on hold and call our postal representative. He finds the order for us and has it sent back. 

Friday night. The real person with the real credit card calls us up. He is angry with us. We let him know that he should contact his credit card company because someone who knows all about him has his credit card information. He thinks I am the thief, but I try to remind him that at the end of the day I am the one who is out $413 worth of merchandise. 

I wish I could yell at the credit card holder and the thief. Neither of them is going to see any monetary damages nor any jail time while I get stiffed for $413 worth of stuff. It stinks. We contact the local police but they do not typically take action. Sometimes in rural areas they will go knock on the door. One Sheriff in Georgia said that it usually "scares some sense into 'em". 

If you could see if any readers want to take a picture of this house I would appreciate it. Thanks. 

Here is a list of the stuff that was successfully swiped:

Bachelorette Party Loot Bags - 8 BP15089 5 3.49 
Bride Button BP-BRIDE-BUT 1 1.49 
Bachelorette Photo Album BP00127 1 6.99 
Maid Of Honor Button BP-MOH-BUTTON 1 1.49 
Bridesmaid Button BP-BM-BUTTON 7 1.49 
Pin The Hose On The Fireman Game BP16811 1 9.99 
Outta Control Bingo Game BP20777 2 5.99 
Bachelorette Party Ring Toss BP15965 1 5.99 
Pecker Party Straws - Rainbow - 10 BP23337 5 4.49 
African American Pecker Party Balloons - 8 BP19446 3 3.99 
Bride Tank Top - Black with Pink Gemstones BP-50N-BRBK 2 19.99 
The Bad Girl Kit - For The Vixen! BP-BADGIRL 1 19.99 
Super Size Your Bad Girl Kit BP-BADDELUX 1 25.00 
Edible Penis Ring Lollipops BP21088 3 1.99 
Dare to Have Fun Game BP00134 1 5.99 
The Husband Beater Tank Top BPT-HB 1 11.99 
Wedding Night Survival Kit BP5395 1 8.99 
Big John Doll - Vibrating Penis BP8456 1 34.99 
Bachelorette Night Party Handbag BP26179 2 14.99 
Love Zone Kit BP58895 1 9.99 
Bride and Groom Shot Glasses BP19042 1 4.99 
Bachelorette Party Pack - Great for 8 cross-sell item BP12598 4 11.99 

Thanks again for doing this. This should be far more interesting the the typical mailboxes etc. thing you usually get. From Google Earth this looks like a small residence. 


I would appreciate anyone that could deliver some photos of this location. Also, if anyone knows what that blacktop playground is, I'd like to know.

Use good judgment and do not approach the thieves. They are probably very horny. My resources indicate that the thieves have a Super Sized "Bad Girl Kit" in their possession, and that could be serious trouble. Leave the confrontation to a real police officer. Additionally, if you are a police officer, they are probably going to expect you to be their stripper.

- Rob Cockerham


No photos yet, as of 11:45pm Friday night. However, several people have written in to let me know that the blacktop playground is Junipero Serra Elementary School.

Nate Apple wrote to say:

Well, the two things that look like floppy disks are half-basketball courts. The half-circle is the edge of the key. You can see the basket. I'm guessing the thing that looks like a musical sheet (several long, parralel lines) is for running a race (quick sprints). The small squares that are divided into four are for a game called four-square. A couple of what appear to be sand-volleyball courts are also present.
Not sure what the circles are or the huge square or square-pairs. - Nate







Hi Rob,

I’m a long time reader, but first time emailer. Being from Microsoft, I couldn’t help but look up the address of the alleged perpetrator(s) on Windows Live Maps (or whatever we’re calling it now). Take a look at the bird’s eye view here:

Microsoft Windows Live Maps

I think I can barely make out someone wearing the “Husband Beater Tank Top.” I’ll have our helicopters continue to monitor the site from a safe distance to see if anyone tries to make a break for it. If they claim to have a hostage, it could just be the Big John doll.


Scott wrote with photos!

Here ya go Rob. 
I reduced the size of the pictures to send them. I can give you the full sized ones if you want and then you can deal with them. 

The house is in a neighborhood where all the houses look like that. I think there is a big Asian presence in the area. There was a Manila food store right up the street along with other similar stores. 

There was a car in the driveway. You can read the plate in one of the pictures. 

Oh, and I took a picture of the school in case you were curious. 
Let me know if you need anything else. 


So, somewhere in this building, apartment A, actually, someone posing as Linda M. signed for and received a big box of stolen bachelorette party supplies.

Are they inside, playing with their ill-gotten Bachelorette Party Ring Toss or the Pin The Hose On The Fireman Game?

I'm no Colombo, but I'll bet I know how they are going to transport all of their guests to the wedding!

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January 19, 2007 

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