Detective Challenge #1

Part of the fun of watching detective shows is trying to figure out what happened based upon the clues that are revealed.

How much can you infer from these five images? (They are unrelated to one another).

1. The first image is this red Ford, with a pair of shallow dents in the door.

What happened?

2. The Honda CR-V wheel cover has a single deep dent.

What happened?

3. Similarly, this Toyota wheel cover has some scratches along the top.

What happened?

4. This huge roadside video screen has a bunch of panels missing.

What happened?

5. On the floor in this JCPenney elevator is home to two handles from a paper shopping bag.

What happened?

What happened? Pick one or more photo and enter your theory or theories below. Comments are closed! Please visit the answers here

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November 21, 2006 

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